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Australians love spending their spare time outdoors. Even if it’s just outside their homes – probably in the backyard. All of us enjoy bright sunlight and the fresh air that greets us  during good weather. People host barbecues and get-together sessions with friends and neighbours on their decks. That’s why a high-quality deck enables you to get the most out of your yard to fully enjoy the moment. Besides that, you can quickly build a deck adjacent to your home if you have the right materials. But a common concern is that it is usually challenging to identify the best decking suppliers near you.


Today, Big Hands Building Supplies is here to deliver everything you need to build decking and pergolas in Sydney. We are Australia’s most trusted company regarding composite decking products. You can buy our products at wholesale rates, and our team will have them delivered to your place in no time. Our products are 100% authentic, and their quality is unmatchable. That’s because Big Hands Building Supplies is one of the most reliable & appreciated decking suppliers you will ever come across! 

Composite Decking Materials Specialists Near You - Big Hands Building Supplies

Natural wood does feel and look beautiful. But it has several flaws that make customers look for other options. So what other option are we talking about? We are talking about composite decking products in the market. And Big Hands Building Supplies is one of the best places to buy composite wood decking materials in Sydney. We are quick with our shipping, and our products are of the highest quality. You will have zero complaints about our materials for your decking and pergola construction. We only supply building materials that are of exceptional quality, nothing less!

Curious to see which decking materials we have in store for you at Big Hands Building Supplies? We have given all the specifications about our composite decking materials below. You can check these products out and make the best decision for your DIY construction project today!



We offer two types of decking in Sydney: WPC Decking and PC Decking.

WPC Decking (Wood Plastic Composite)

What is WPC Decking?

WPC decking stands for Wood Plastic Composite decking and is a modern alternative to traditional timber. The plastic used in our WPC decking is recycled timber and recycled plastics so is environmentally friendly. It looks and feels like natural timber decking but its composition gives it several benefits over traditional timber decking.

Benefits of WPC and PS Decking
  • Termite resistant
  • Rot, decay, mould, stain and mildew resistant
  • No oiling or maintenance work required over the life of the decking
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Splinter, cup and warp resistant
  • Easy DI.Y. concealed clip installation system

Both our WPC and PS Decking products come in a variety of attractive colours. Click on the Decking Product Catalogue below to view product colours and specifications.

Composite Solid Decking Specialists

Composite solid decking is a new and innovative material that combines concrete and wood. It is the best option for decking your home or business. These are very durable, beautiful, and long-lasting. And not only that, but they are highly resistant to water damage, cracks, rot, insects and more.

At Bighands Building Supplies, we can supply 3D composite solid decking materials in Sydney. You can install 3D composite solid decking materials on any concrete, metal or wood structure with a composite edge detail and you’ll never have to worry about fading, cracking or splintering. This new technology also offers more durability while being more affordable than wood. So, call us now and enquire about our 3D composite solid decking supplies. We can supply these materials to your place at wholesale pricing.

Why Buy Decking Materials from Big Hands Building Supplies?

Choosing the right decking suppliers for your DIY construction ambitions is necessary to achieve optimal goals. We can’t overemphasise the importance of getting top-notch decking materials in Sydney. You want to build decking and pergolas that stay intact for years and don’t rot away because of rough weather. But that’s precisely what happens when you choose the wrong composite decking materials supplier in Sydney. Our products, services, and everything you need are tailored to your satisfaction.
DIY enthusiasts and construction project managers come to us when working on decking and pergolas projects. We give them wholesale deals for first rate Australian products that they need.
  • High quality Materials: Our decking materials are of the highest calibre, and we ensure that every item we provide our customers are value-for-money.
  • Wholesale Distribution: Tired of decking suppliers overcharging you for their products and services? Well, you won’t have to pay such prices when youget in touch with Big Hands Building Supplies. Our products are available at wholesale rates, and we will give you the best deals on composite decking materials.
  • Easy Purchasing:  Purchasing composite decking supplies online at Big Hands Building Supplies is a relatively simple process. Just add your items to the shopping cart and pay at the checkout. Alternatively, give us a call and tell us which materials you want for your decking and pergolas construction in Sydney. We will deliver your orders promptly once your payment goes through.
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