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Awnings are considered an excellent investment for homeowners; you can install them outside your windows, doors, or even storefronts. These roofing structures are designed to provide shade and protection against harmful UV rays. Besides, during rainy seasons, these awnings can prevent the water seeping through. So if you are looking to have one of these awning structures outside your home, you can now install them in a DIY fashion. Big Hands Building Supplies supply kits for DIY awnings construction. In these kits, you will find everything you need to install a high quality awning outside your home.
Big Hands Building Supplies is the best place for all your building material requirements. We have everything you need, from decking materials to DIY kits for awnings and carports and beyond. We are an Australian-based firm supplying wholesale building materials across Sydney. We have a vast range of products available for your DIY construction projects. Call us right away to order your kits for DIY awnings!

DIY Awning Kits for Your Home - Building Supplies Near You!

Isn’t it amazing that you can build and install awnings without hiring a professional? DIY kits have made it easier for anyone and everyone to install such structures on their own. At Big Hands Building Supplies, you can buy such kits and install DIY awnings on your decks or porch with ease. We are one of the leading suppliers of building materials in Sydney. Whether you need DIY awnings for your home or storefront, we have the right products.

What are our DIY Awning kits? 

The Carb-O-Lite DIY Awning Kit includes everything required to install your awning. With a stylish, European-inspired design, the awning can be installed for windows, doors and storefronts.

The transparent polycarbonate design protects from rain and sun, reduces heat transmission by 50%, is fireproof and is strong, lightweight and durable.

Features of the DIY Awning Kits

  • Transparent polycarbonate design protects from rain and sun
  • Reduces heat transmission by 50%
  • Fireproof
  • Strong, lightweight and durable
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Range of sizes (see Product Catalogue below for size range)
  • Little to no maintenance required 

DIY Awning Kits contain 

  • 1x lightweight 3.0mm solid Polycarbonate sheet 
  • 2x durable, engineered plastic brackets
  • 2x Aluminium fixing bars with rubber seals
  • 8x screws

Why Choose Big Hands Building Supplies?

Still not sure whether to buy kits for DIY awnings from us? We can understand your dilemma because when many companies in your neighbourhood provide building supplies, choosing the right one is difficult. But you can’t just go to any random company and buy your building materials, can you? You have to ensure that the company can supply you with quality products at the right price with product safety. Only when these criteria are met can you place your order for a DIY awnings kit.
Are you finding it challenging to locate a supplier that meets these requirements? If so, you should turn towards Big Hands Building Supplies. We are the #1 supplier of building materials and DIY kits for various structures in Sydney. The following will convince you that we are the best:
    • Unmatched Quality
Whenever you buy any building materials at Big Hands Building Supplies, you will receive products only of the highest quality. We have been serving the Sydney community for many years now. Thus, we know the preference of builders, project managers and homeowners around your neighbourhood. Besides, our products comply with all the Australian standards and regulations set by the Australian authorities. Therefore, you will get the best value when buying DIY awning kits at our store in Sydney.
    • Wholesale Rates
Do you feel you’re not getting the best deals on building materials? Visit Big Hands Building Supplies, as we supply products at wholesale prices. Our decking materials, roofing sheets and DIY kits for carports & awnings are available at wholesale prices. Besides, you can buy our premium-quality building supplies in bulk if you are working on a major construction project. Call us on 1300 242 799 and get a quote now.

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