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Well constructed roofs protect you from extreme weather conditions and keep you covered. You can’t even imagine living in a house without a roof over your head, can you? Sturdy roofs are also required on warehouses, deck areas, patios, and much more. Roofs do play an essential role in the construction business. 

But while building roofs, which material should you choose? All kinds of roofing materials are available to you in Sydney. If you’re asking us for a recommendation, we would suggest Colorbond roofing sheets for your homes. These roofing sheets are durable. Come in various colours, and look stylish. That’s right! You can select a particular colour from many options and give your roof a personal touch with Big Hands Building Supplies.  


Are you looking to buy high-quality Colorbond steel sheets for your roof? Then you have come to the right place as Big Hands Building Supplies is here to fulfil everyone’s requirements. No matter how many sheets you need or the colour you prefer on your roofs, you will never go wrong if you pick the service of Big Hands Building Supplies in Sydney. We are the leading Australian company that supplies building materials, including Colorbond roofing sheets, at wholesale pricing. 

Big Hands Building Supplies - Your Most Reliable Suppliers of Roofing Materials

Whether installing a new roof or replacing the existing one, you can always rely on us. We supply only the finest Colorbond roofing sheets in Sydney. You can choose any colour that you like in this roofing material. Our team will make sure your specifications are perfectly met. Besides, you can expect a wholesale price for our products. Builders, project managers, contractors and even DIY enthusiasts recommend Big Hand Building Supplies for their building materials.

Check out the specifications and usage of colorbond roofing sheets listed below. See what benefits Big Hands Building Supplies products provide you:

What are LYSAGHT COLORBOND® roofing sheets used for?

LYSAGHT COLORBOND® roofing sheets are made from high quality, lightweight Australian COLORBOND® steel. 

Benefits of COLOURBOND® Roofing Sheets

  • Strong, secure and energy smart
  • Low to no maintenance required
  • Range of colours and profiles available
  • Tested in tough Australian conditions 
  • Versatile application

What Makes Big Hands Building Supplies The #1 Choice?

Colorbond steel materials are excellent for Australian homes. These products are lightweight and can withstand intense weather conditions with ease. Besides, while selecting Colorbond roofing sheets for your house in Sydney, you can always choose a distinct colour. You can rely on our Big Hand Building Supplies expert team for advice on which materials to purchase for your specific needs. We can fulfil every single requirement of yours and give you the best deal on colorbond roofing sheets and much more.
  • High-quality Supplies: We recognise the importance of supplying high quality building materials at Big Hands Building Supplies. You should get the best value for your investment when you buy Colorbond roofing sheets online. Our team provides roofing materials of the highest quality. You can contact us by phone and insist on the specs of roofing products!
  • Wholesale Pricing: Aside from delivering products of the highest quality, we also give our clients wholesale prices. You can buy building materials in bulk at our store without worrying about the pricing. You’ll always get the best deals on our products in Sydney!
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