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Australians are accustomed to changing weather conditions throughout the year. Blazing hot summers, winter, floods, you name it. You will experience such situations throughout the year, and there’s no way around it. So what do car owners do to protect their vehicles outside their homes? Well, some have garages where they park their cars. But if they don’t have a garage, they go for a carport structure that helps them protect their vehicles against weather conditions. Besides, you can build these structures with DIY Carport Kits from Big Hands Building Supplies. You will find everything you need for carport construction in this DIY kit. We have the best building materials for you in Sydney, and you can buy them today at wholesale pricing!
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Be it roofing sheets, decking materials or DIY carport kits, Big Hands Building Supplies have these products and many other building materials for sale. You can place an order today for these superior quality building supplies online. Our team will ensure your package gets delivered on time. After all, we are the leading building materials supplier in Australia.

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The building industry has grown massively over the past few decades. You can now construct an essential structure on your property, such as carports and awnings. These days, you can buy DIY carport kits from a local supplier and build these structures over the weekend in your spare time! Big Hands Building Supplies have made it easier for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts to build carport structures alone. Not only does a DIY carport kit saves your time, but it also saves your hard-earned money. Visit us today, or buy our building materials online.

Do you want to learn more about our DIY kits before buying one? Then you can check the specifications given below. We have shared all the necessary information for any homeowner or DIY enthusiast!
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What are our DIY Carport Kits?

DIY Carport Kits are made from a lightweight and strong aluminium structure, with polycarbonate roofing. The kits contain everything needed to build the carport together in one weekend.

DIY Carport Kits come in both single and double carport sizes. Additionally, kit sizes can be adapted to any size as required.

Features of DIY Carport Kits*

  • High strength Aluminium alloy structure is low maintenance 
  • Powder coated frame is corrosion resistant
  • High impact resistance 
  • Blocks 98% of UV rays to protect your vehicle
  • Strong wind resistance (against winds of up to 42m/s)
  • Easy to install
  • Available in a range of colours
*See Product Catalogue below for detailed technical information
Available Sizes**
  • Single (for 1 vehicle): 5.5m x 3.1m x 3.0m [ Covers 17.05m]
  • Double (for 2 vehicles): 5.5m x 6.2m x 3.0m [ Covers 34.10m]
**Enquire for custom sizes
  • As you can see, Big Hands Building Supplies has various options for you regarding DIY carport kits. You can choose any option that best suits your car parking requirements.
  • Talk to our staff today, and place your order for DIY carport kits in Australia!

Why Choose Big Hands Building Supplies?

Having second thoughts before buying building supplies for your DIY carport construction project is natural. What’s the use of investing money if you don’t receive the highest quality products in exchange? However, fear not as Big Hands Building Supplies is one company that provides you with excellent value for your investment. Whether you are buying decking materials, roofing sheets or DIY carport kits, you can always expect the best products from us.
  • High quality Materials: Big Hands Building Supplies provides superior building supplies in Sydney. Our DIY carport kits and other building materials are quality-tested by professionals in the construction industry. Therefore, you never have to worry about the quality performance of our products once you purchase them.
  • Wholesale Pricing: You can buy building supplies here at wholesale rates. Big Hands Building Supplies give you wholesale deals on DIY carport kits, roofing sheets and many other materials. Thus when you shop at our store, you’ll end up saving a lot on building materials. Talk to our staff members today, and get a quote now!
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