Polycarbonate in Home Design

Polycarbonate in Home Design

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer is lightweight, strong and cost-efficient. It is also versatile, offering different grades of translucence (or light transmission) as well as heat transmission.

The contemporary look of the material has made it popular in the last few years in award winning architectural projects, especially in Europe.

Here, we share some of our favourite projects which have used polycarbonate in a stylish and clever way.

1. In what would have otherwise been a narrow staircase, Muka Arquitectura’s use of polycarbonate panels turns this into an area filled with soft, diffused light and completely transforming the space. It also creates a modern, minimalistic look, with the pale blue polycarbonate sheeting balancing the warmth of the timber stairs.

2. Designed by Garces- De Seta- Bonet Architects, polycarbonate sheeting is used as both wall and a section of roof to connect a living area and a workshop to create a sun-soaked space. The polycarbonate sheeting also retains the light and airy feel created by the white walls and stairs of the hybrid indoor-outdoor area.

3. We love the concept of this Japanese inspired moveable room divider which uses natural wood and polycarbonate sheeting to create a light and airy effect. It effectively divides the space without making it look and feel smaller, and utilises the timber planks to create a unique, minimalistic design to create an interesting backdrop.

4. Although the other examples on this list have used polycarbonate sheeting for its light transmission properties, Bunyesc Arquitectes have used layered polycarbonate sheeting here to update the façade of an old Spanish house. The excellent thermal insulation properties have been prized here, used to give the exterior wall a larger thermal mass, allowing the façade to slowly release collected heat during the day when the wall was under direct sunlight. Then, during the colder nights, the heat would slowly release into the home, improving the energy efficiency of the home.

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